1968 – 2024

We regret to announce that Carlo Narboni, our colleague, and friend passed away on Thursday 18th of April 2024 after a short illness. He was just 56 years old.

The members and staff of Millennium Chambers are deeply shocked and saddened by his untimely death. Our sense of loss cannot of course compare to that of his wife Caroline who at this time our thoughts are with, and his two children Nico aged 7 and Tallulah aged 11. It is of some consolation that he died with those he loved so much dearly all around him.

Carlo was a former officer in the Clubs and Vice Unit at Charing Cross police station known as the “Vice Club” and was involved in many successful multi-handed prosecutions involving prostitution and trafficking of woman mainly from Eastern Europe. To those he worked with, and friends he always had an air of effortless brilliance in court when giving evidence and a quiet wit out of it. It was down to his considerable reputation and the high professional standards he demanded of his team that he ensured that all his cases progressed far more smoothly than might otherwise be expected.

Following a five-month investigation led by Carlo and his team for successfully bringing down a network of an organised criminal gang who trafficked women from Lithuania and Moldova into the UK, he was quite properly awarded a Commendation. These trafficked women who were duped as to what they were expected to do in the UK had no trust in men, it was down to Carlo’s ability to understand and talk to these women that he was able to gain their trust that led to the successful prosecution. PC Carlo Narboni, of the Vice Unit said: “These three defendants were ruthless in the way they exploited an immeasurable amount of women. They led a flamboyant lifestyle, and while they were eating a meal at a restaurant costing £1,300, the women were around the corner earning money for them. This conviction shows that we will not tolerate this type of crime.”

Following the conclusion of his service with the police force, Carlo joined Animus a private investigation service where he worked for his very dear friend Keith Hunter who we know will miss him terribly. He was in top demand all over the world, a calm voice of reason, a proper investigator imbued with good judgment, quiet assurance with a firm grasp of investigating with style.

Outside his work, as all who knew him will remember his long-standing love of horse racing and his ability of choosing the winners. He was very popular in the racing world; horse racing was one of his passions, his other passion to be in his cousin Bucci’s  restaurant where he was capable of reducing his friends and colleagues to tears with his great sense of humour.

Carlo was a fine figure of a man and a Gentleman in the true sense of the word, a huge loss to us as a friend, and a man impossible not to like. It has been a shock to us all and we are sure that you will join us in the condolences to his family.