Counsels’ Fees

We are always keen to provide open and transparent information concerning the cost of the provision of our legal services. In consultation with our clerks, we will help to assess the appropriate counsel for your case and the cost, whether you are a professional or a public access client.

We rely upon the information provided by our clients. We ensure the prospective case is within our area of expertise and, sufficient information provided, we quote for fees verbally and in writing – via email.

Some clients will be eligible for legal aid representation via the legal aid scheme. In which case, the client should instruct a solicitor who in turn will consult with chambers to determine the appropriate barrister for their case.

Clients who do not qualify for legal aid or clients who choose to pay privately, may instruct counsel of their choice. They may discuss with the clerks the most appropriate counsel for the case; either directly or via a solicitor. That discussion will include counsel’s availability and the likely cost for their services.

We operate two pricing methods for public access (and privately funded) work – fixed fees and hourly rates.

In order to assess counsels’ fees, the following factors are taken into account:

  • Seniority of counsel;
  • Volume of documentation and preparation time;
  • The circumstances of the case;
  • The apparent complexity of the case;
  • Length of trial/court time

Various fee structures such as:

  • An ‘all-in’ case fee;
  • Fixed brief fee (case preparation, conferences, and the first day of trial) and fixed daily fees (refreshers);
  • Hourly rate for preparation and court attendance fees;

Timescales may be affected by several different factors, such as:

  • Nature of the case;
  • Barrister availability;
  • Timely client instructions and provision of all necessary material;
  • Case complexity and volume of reading material;

A typical range of fees (to which the current Vat rate of 20% is applicable)

  • Written advice – £50 to £1500
  • Preparation, conferences, assistance with material – £250 to £3000

(a maximum of 3 hours included, £100 – £550 per hour thereafter)

  • A ‘Guilty’ plea – £150 to £5500
  • First appearance – £100 to £1750
  • First day of trial – £750 to £12,500
  • Refreshers – £250 to £3000

Each case is assessed on its own merits. It will likely fall somewhere between these rates.

A formal contract between counsel and the client setting out the services counsel provides, the fees for these services and the payment terms will be drafted for the clients’ signature.

In certain circumstances, there may be additional work for counsel to undertake, which may result in extra cost to the client, such as; service of further evidence, changes in the client’s case, unforeseen lengthening of the court proceedings. You will be consulted at the first opportunity.

Our barristers are VAT registered. They are also all regulated by the Bar Standards Board, covered by Bar Mutual Professional Indemnity Insurance and are registered with the Information Commissioner’s office.

Public access clients will find more information on the services provided by chambers under this scheme in the dedicated section on our website. The Bar Standards Board’s ‘Public Access Guidance for Lay Clients’ can also be found there.

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