Peter Corrigan Criminal Barrister

Year of Call 1972


Door Tenant

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Areas of Practice

  • Criminal Defence
  • Business Crime & Financial Services
  • Appeals and CCRC

Professional Memberships

  • South-Eastern Circuit
  • Criminal Bar Association


Peter Corrigan is a criminal barrister specialising in cases that require expert advocacy skills. He has experience in drug trafficking, violent crime, and fraud; successfully defending a range of clients. He has also been instructed in a large number of cases in the excise fraud field with outstanding results.

He has a varied practice and represents both individual and corporate clients respectively.

Peter is called upon to advise professional clients at an early stage of proceedings in respect of strategy and to achieve the best outcome for lay clients.

Peter has a reputation for being a highly-skilled, measured, forceful and persuasive advocate. He has appeared in highly publicised leading cases over the last three decades including terrorist cases.

Peter has successfully represented clients appearing before major hearings at the Court of Criminal Appeal and is often consulted to advise on the merits of an appeal.

Notable Cases

Organised Crime

R v P [2019] | Canterbury Crown Court – Leading Junior in Albanian OCG case;

R v G [2019] | Hove Crown Court – Large scale drugs case spanning years with a mass of WhatsApp material;

R v G [2018] | Southwark Crown Court – Leading Junior in multi kilo cocaine importation from Belgium by helicopter acquitted despite being arrested with 20 kilos;

R v V [2018] | Snaresbrook Crown Court – Automatic weapons sales by Lithuanians to English OCG;

R v ZA [2018] | Snaresbrook Crown Court – Gang-related firearms charges for a defendant with previous firearms convictions. Acquitted;

R v B [2017] | Kingston Crown Court – Multiple firearms case linked by DNA to gang-related drug dealing;

Serious Crime

R v O [2018] | Southwark Crown Court – Defending a Turkish national caught with £1million in cash at Heathrow said to be political funding. Acquitted;

R v S [2018] | Kingston Crown Court – Represented security driver in a cash in transit theft of £7 million;

R v P [2017] | Inner London Crown Court – Represented defendant charged with sophisticated computer campaign against a senior member of the bar;

R v B [2017] | Wood Green Crown Court – Represented Turkish “enforcer” for organized loan-shark operation. Crown failed to make adequate disclosure and case dropped;

R v N | Central Criminal Court – Leading junior representing a defendant in Heathrow hijacking case. Acquitted and subsequently represented him in the High Court where he received record damages for malicious prosecution;

R v S [2015] | Harrow Crown Court – Leading junior in-car ringing case where evidence was taken in a Cypriot Court as part of Crown Court proceedings for the first time;

Fraud and Financial Crime

R v M [2018] | Southwark Crown Court – Alleged forged will of film starlet generated significant press coverage;

R v F [2017] | Southwark Crown Court – Leading Junior in multi-million misselling fraud;

R v M | Southwark Crown Court – Represented ex-solicitor accused of fraud at an ex-prisoners charity the only defendant acquitted of fraud;

R v BC | Snaresbrook Crown Court – The largest international e-bay fraud with counterfeit items made to order in China and sold throughout Asia and Australia as well as Europe;

R v S | Basildon Crown Court – Leading junior on £7million money laundering Crown forced to drop the case and led to the overturning of a number of convictions where bureau de change had been used as informants;

R v R | Southwark Crown Court – Leading junior for a defendant charged with £40million money laundering and fraud. Acquitted;

R v R | Harrow Crown Court – £1 billion money laundering by Iranian private banker. Acquitted;

Excise Fraud

R v W [2019] | Leeds Crown Court – multi-million duty evasion in the North involving counterfeit cigarettes and hand-rolling tobacco. The only defendant acquitted;

R v L [2018] | Maidstone Crown Court – multi-million duty evasion following months of observations. Acquitted;

R v C | CACD – Leading case in confiscation in duty cases. Won in the Court of Appeal and case led to a large scale review of many cases and the quashing of confiscation orders;

R v D | CACD – Leading case on European legislation in this field confiscation orders quashed;

Appeals and CCRC

R v S – This is still the leading case on drugs conspiracies;

R v D – This is still the leading case on pre-trial publicity and rehearsing witnesses.


Recognised in Chambers and Partners as a leading defence practitioner in organised crime and fraud.

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