Lan Leist KC Criminal Barrister

Year of Call 1989


Door Tenant

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Areas of Practice

  • Criminal Defence
  • Public Prosecution | Grade 4
  • Private Prosecution
  • Business Crime & Financial Services


Mark has 30 years of experience in defending and prosecuting criminal cases, conducting many cases as a leading junior.

Mark is a barrister specialising in cases that require expert advocacy skills. He has experience in murder, fraud serious sexual offences, drug trafficking and violent crime cases, successfully defending a range of clients

Mark also specialises in football violence cases and complex fraud cases, travelling across the country to undertake such cases.

Mark has a varied practice and represents both individual and corporate clients respectively. Mark is called upon to advise professional clients at an early stage of proceedings in respect of strategy and achieving the best outcome for lay clients. He has vast experience of criminal sexual offence cases, which assists in the delicate cross-examination of child witnesses and experts and as such, he is regularly instructed in cases involving serious sexual abuse and neglect. He is an authorised Counsel to question Vulnerable and child witnesses, having completed the required courses. He has undertaken numerous cases involving such witnesses and those involving intermediaries.

Mark has developed particular expertise in complex commercial fraud and has conducted numerous multi-million-pound fraud cases for the defence.

Mark is viewed as a highly-skilled, natural jury advocate with a fluid advocacy style and comprehensive analytical skills. He is both approachable and understanding.

Mark has successfully represented clients appearing before major hearings at the Court of Criminal Appeal.

Notable Cases

R v B | Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court – Acted as leading defence counsel in a large scale drugs conspiracy.

R v B | Nottingham Crown Court – Acted as lead defence counsel in a 10 defendant large scale customs and excise importation conspiracy.

R v A | Southwark Crown Court – Acted as lead defence counsel in an £11 million banking fraud.

R v M | Wolverhampton Crown Court – Defence Counsel on a two-month violent sexual offence case.

R v T and Others | Wolverhampton Crown Court – Defending a substantial drug supply case for three months.

R v B and Others | Liverpool Crown Court – Acted as defence counsel in a substantial VAT fraud case.

R v S (S) | Stafford Crown Court – Acted as defence counsel in a drugs conspiracy.

R v S and Others | Derby Crown Court – Acted as defence counsel in a high-profile historic sexual abuse case. Offences alleged to have been committed in care homes during the 1980s where the victims and the defendant were deaf and mute.

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