Marc Jennings Finance Director At Millennium Chambers

Finance Director



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Marc has a total of 32 years of experience. He has worked in various high-profile chambers, including 2 Paper Buildings (The Chambers of Rt Hon Sir Desmond de Silva QC). He also spent 2 years in the criminal finance team of the Legal Aid Agency where he determined solicitors and barristers claims.

Marc is a member of the senior executive team who manages all aspects of chambers financial health and long-term growth. In conjunction with the Chambers Director and the Senior Clerk, he establishes and maintains chambers financial strategy and oversees the finance and accounting operations.


Roles And Responsibilities

  • Monitoring business performance;
  • Monitoring cash flow;
  • Overseeing the budgets;
  • Working with departments and teams;
  • Preparing accounts;
  • Developing financial models;
  • Planning for the future;
  • Competitor analysis;
  • Strategic planning.

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