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Lorna Hackett is a high-profile civil rights lawyer. She is dedicated to representing the most vulnerable in society and is passionate about achieving fairness and equality for all. She is a highly accomplished public lawyer and an expert in prisoners’ rights and parole advocacy. She co-hosts the podcast ‘The Two Heads’ with Michael Mansfield KC.

Notable Cases

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals concerning their claim against the Ministry of Defence in relation to failures to adopt faux fur for King’s Guard Caps

Humane Being and Others in an application to the ECtHR concerning human rights breaches of factory farming practices

Counsel to the People’s Covid Inquiry (www.peoplescovidinquiry.com)

Action Against 5G – judicial review of Government’s public law failures relating to the proliferation of 5G and radiofrequency radiation

Extensive crime experience

Successfully argued abuse of process in criminal harassment trial

Currently instructed in the UK Covid 19 inquiry

Written evidence – Victims and Prisoners Bill   https://publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm5803/cmpublic/VictimsPrisoners/memo/VPB08.htm

Lorna is Public Access qualified and authorised to conduct litigation.

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