Many of Millennium Chambers’ barristers undertake international work. For foreign lawyers, companies, organisations, and clients, it may not be clear how the English bar operates. This page explains what barristers do and how they can assist international clients.

Unlike in other jurisdictions, England’s legal profession is divided into two types of lawyers: solicitors and barristers. These two types of lawyers fulfil different roles. Barristers are lawyers (advocates or attorneys) who specialise in court advocacy and litigation. Some barristers will also provide non-contentious advisory services depending on the area of law or the problem.

Unlike solicitors, barristers do not undertake client ‘handling’. They do not have a direct relationship with their clients and do not look after their day-to-day affairs. Barristers are usually engaged by solicitors for the benefit of the solicitor’s clients to provide advocacy in courts and tribunals, to advise on a particular aspect of a case or appeal, to assess evidence or for input on a strategic approach to litigation.

From an international perspective, barristers are equivalent to legal consultants, who can be instructed to work with other lawyers or professionals on a legal problem or to advise on a particular aspect of law. Barristers can also provide litigation services in their jurisdiction by foreign clients, and some are also qualified in multiple jurisdictions. The Chancery Bar Association’s guidance provides information on instructing barristers as foreign lawyers or companies.

Our members have experience in every level of the justice system, including the High Court, the Commercial Court, the Chancery Division, the Business and Property Courts and the appellate courts, and we can provide expertise in both trials and appeals. Barristers undertaking international work must be engaged through the public access scheme (link to the public access webpage). If you have any further questions about instructing one of our barristers, please do not hesitate to contact us at


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