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Glenn is a highly respected and admired barrister renowned for his expert advocacy skills. He specialises in intricate cases spanning drug trafficking, violent crime, and large-scale fraud. With a track record of success, Glenn has skilfully defended a diverse range of clients.

This year alone, Glenn achieved a significant victory defending a young man accused of murder in a protracted trial at Nottingham Crown Court. In the previous year, he secured an acquittal in a complex conspiracy to defraud trial lasting nearly five months. During this time, Glenn successfully appealed a case before the Lord Chief Justice, challenging a Crown Court judge’s attempt to burden the defendant with proof. The defendant, asserting she was a victim of human trafficking coerced into drug dealing, found staunch advocacy in Glenn’s representation.

With a comprehensive practice, Glenn represents individual and corporate clients, offering strategic counsel and striving for optimal outcomes. Known for his measured yet forceful advocacy, Glenn is sought after as a leading advocate at both domestic and national levels. He has notably represented clients in complex hearings at the Court of Criminal Appeal and offers invaluable insights into criminal and regulatory matters, including those arising from maritime offences.

Glenn is accredited for Public Access and readily accepts direct instructions from lay clients, embodying a commitment to accessible and effective legal representation.


White-Collar Crimes:

  • Corporate Fraud: Misrepresentation or deceit in business.
  • Insider Trading: Illegal trading of securities based on non-public information.
  • Money Laundering: Concealing the origins of illegally obtained money.

Crimes Against the Person:

  • Homicide: Murder, manslaughter, infanticide.
  • Assault and Battery: Physical harm or threat of harm.
  • Sexual Offenses: Rape, sexual assault, sexual exploitation.

Crimes Against the State:

  • Terrorism: Acts of violence to instil fear for political purposes.

Crimes Against Morality and Decency:

  • Prostitution: Engaging in sexual activities for money.
  • Obscenity: Distribution of sexually explicit material.
  • Public Indecency: Lewd behaviour in public spaces.

Crimes Against Property:

  • Theft: Larceny, embezzlement, robbery.
  • Fraud: Deception for personal gain.
  • Burglary: Unlawful entry with intent to commit a crime.

Crimes Against Public Order:

  • Disorderly Conduct: Disturbance of public peace.
  • Rioting: Participation in violent public disturbances.
  • Unlawful Assembly: Gathering with intent to disturb public peace.

Crimes Against the Administration of Justice:

  • Perjury: Lying under oath.
  • Obstruction of Justice: Interfering with legal processes.
  • Contempt of Court: Disrespect or disobedience towards the court.

Juvenile Delinquency:

  • Criminal behaviour by minors.

Traffic Offences:

  • Violations of traffic laws and regulations.


  • Criminal activities conducted through digital means.

Drug Offences:

  • Possession, trafficking, or distribution of illegal substances.

Environmental Crimes:

  • Violations of laws protecting the environment.

Domestic Violence:

  • Abuse or violence within familial or intimate relationships.

Hate Crimes:

  • Criminal acts motivated by bias or prejudice against a particular group.

Notable Cases


One of Glenn’s many successes was his defence of a young man charged with murder and firearms offences following a lengthy retrial at the Old Bailey.

Glenn secured the acquittal of a young man accused of murder. His client was the only defendant acquitted of all charges he faced.

Glenn also successfully defended a father accused of murdering his daughter, and he successfully argued that there was no case to answer for a mother accused of being involved in a large-scale sex trafficking conspiracy.

More recently (last year), he was instructed as junior counsel in one of the most extensive murder trials in British history, lasting over nine months in Nottingham.

Since then, he has been instructed in one of the most infamous unsolved murder cases (the axe murder of Daniel Morgan in 1987). He was involved in extensive legal arguments regarding the abuse of process from suspected corrupt police operations, failure to disclose, secretion of evidence, and manipulation of informants. This resulted in acquittals after the prosecution conceded that the trial could not proceed safely.

Immediately after that, he secured the acquittal of a man charged with murder after proving by careful analysis of CCTV and telephone evidence that his client could not have been at the scene of the murder, such as to even amount to joint enterprise.


When not in court, Glenn has spent considerable time advising clients and solicitors on alleged war crimes involving a variety of legal and human rights issues arising out of the Syrian crisis. This included complex jurisdictional issues and the procedure and jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court.

Serious crime

Glenn Harris has consistently been instructed in the most serious of criminal cases. As a junior, he was in the Heathrow armed robbery case, resulting in British legal history with the first Judge alone trial following suspected jury tampering.

He is currently in a trial defending the main defendant concerning the importation of 177kg of cocaine and over half a tonne of ketamine valued at over £33m.

His previous drug trial (late 2023) concerned a young man filmed on a mobile phone handling 14 kilos of packages of cocaine a couple of months before being caught in a lorry in which the Border Force discovered 14 kilos of cocaine. He was unanimously acquitted, with the defendant’s mum calling Mr Harris ‘a magician.’


Glenn has considerable experience in sexual cases.

He has been instructed in a large-scale sexual exploitation (sex ring) case, resulting in the case being dismissed by the judge.

Two of his last three rape trials have resulted in acquittals. The convicted defendant did not help himself by absconding before trial.

The first was a knife point allegation of rape, and the latter was an alleged rape by a partner against a defendant with mental health issues.

He has even been asked in the past (in a case involving the gang rape of a 16year and receiving national press coverage) by the mother of a young co-defendant to defend her child on appeal – as she was so impressed by the way he represented the principal defendant.

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