Lan Leist KC Criminal Barrister

Year of Call 1997


Door Tenant

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Areas of Practice

  • Criminal Defence
  • Business Crime & Financial Services
  • Family
  • Immigration


  •  LLB(Hons)

Professional Memberships

  • Lincoln’s Inn
  • Criminal Bar Association


Anis is a barrister specialising in cases that require expert advocacy skills. He has experience in sexual offences, drug trafficking and violent crime, successfully defending a range of clients.

Anis’ style and approach are appreciated by professional and lay clients alike in being consistently able to demonstrate sensitivity and empathy while remaining focussed on complex issues often involving vulnerable individuals.

Anis has the recognised ability to readily adapt to circumstance and shown the capacity to understand and demonstrate his knowledge through meticulous case preparation and forensic analysis of evidence. As such, he has considerable experience of defending in cases of financial crime including, money laundering and fraud.

Anis has further demonstrated his knowledge and experience in other areas of law. He is instructed frequently in proceedings before the family court involving contact/residence issues, injunctive relief and matters ancillary to divorce.

Anis is experienced in appearing in matters concerning immigration, nationality and asylum law.

Anis has successfully represented clients appearing before major hearings at the Court of Criminal Appeal.

Anis is fluent in both Urdu and Punjabi.

Anis is Public Access accredited and accepts direct instructions from lay clients.

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