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Malik KC


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Areas of Practice

  • Business Crime & Financial Services
  • Criminal Defence
  • Professional Regulatory & Disciplinary
  • Mental Health and Healthcare Law
  • Human Rights


A leading Silk in Crime and Fraud demonstrates a multidisciplinary skill set encompassing civil, commercial, and criminal knowledge.

Amjad Malik KC is instructed in the most complex and important of cases. Solicitors seek after him because of his stylish, persuasive advocacy. He is known as being at the forefront of fraud, corruption, and commercial crime, including confiscation and restraint.

He has recently been asked to advise clients concerning facilitation payments under the Bribery Act. He represented JM in the landmark proceeds of crime case, A, M, and others (Operations R and A), the money laundering of £40 million through London Currency Exchange Bureaus tried in 2013.

He has also recently represented KM in R v SB and others (Operation V), an MTIC fraud, causing a loss of approximately £95 million to the taxpayer: R v M and others in 2015, defending a Money laundering enterprise through a Midlands currency exchange.

He also executes regulatory and civil expertise when appearing before specialist regulatory tribunals: the General Medical Council, the Nursing and Midwifery Council and the Healthcare Professionals Council. He presently represents a Consultant Professor in GMC v B, charged with publishing plagiaristic research articles in several international medical journals.

He has extensive experience in mental health law, including mental capacity, healthcare law, and human rights. His practice encompasses many areas in which this specialism is essential, for example, the Court of Protection, prison law, community care, torts actions, inquests, and inquiries.

He possesses an in-depth knowledge of terrorism offences. He has long experience in the “Honour Killing” crime, defending JD in the Southall murder of GA at the Central Criminal Court.

Notable Cases

R v S & Others | Central Criminal Court. Defending the so-called “honour killing” of GA in a residential street in Southall by the defendant and three others using machetes.

R v AJ | CPS Lincoln/East Midlands. Prosecuting leading Counsel Homophobic murder of an elderly disabled man by a 17-year-old teenager who had lured the victim to a remote area to kill him.

R v MB & Another | St Albans Crown Court, Thames Valley Complex Crime Unit (TV CCU). Conspiracy to Murder. Leading Prosecuting Counsel in a targeted shooting of an Organised Crime gang rival. The victim survived the attempt on his life and refused to provide evidence to the Crown of who shot him.

R v MB | St Albans Crown Court, TV CCU – Corruption. Leading Prosecution Counsel in a case involving payment to a civilian employee to obtain access to a Police Computer database and securing information on rival organised crime gang members. Computer and telephone evidence issues.

R v M & 4 Others | Luton Crown Court. TV CCU. Heroin and Cocaine supply conspiracies. Leading Prosecution Counsel involving surveillance visual and probe material. Sensitive unused material issues.

R v CL | Reading Crown Court, CPS Reading. The murder of a visually impaired and disabled man by the defendant.

R v W & 2 Others | Reading Crown Court, TV CCU. Leading Prosecution counsel. The murder of an Asian gang member by a rival Black gang in Slough. Gang member issues and anonymous witnesses.

R v N & 4 Others | Luton Crown Court, TV CCU – Conspiracy to Murder and attempted murder. Leading Prosecution Counsel Contract killing paid for by an organised crime gang on two rival gang members in Luton.

R v WK & Others | Birmingham Crown Court. The torture and murder of a businessman in a targeted robbery at residential premises in Leicester. The crime was carried out by the defendant and two others, forcibly wrapping the head of the deceased with layers of cloth to kill by asphyxiation—cutthroat defences.

R v MS | Reading Crown Court. In a pre-planned murder of the defendant’s female partner, who was taken to a remote area late at night, the defendant used a knife and heavy metal cutters to kill. Loss of control was raised as the defence to murder.

R v FP & GS | Cambridge Crown Court. The beating and brutal murder of a 76-year-old man during a robbery carried out in his own home by the defendant and another. Cutthroat defences involving witnesses who were all from the travelling community.

R v SP | Harrow Crown Court. An Albanian drug cartel is the subject of surveillance operations conducted by the Serious Crime Agency. The defendant was found with 4 kilograms of Heroin (street value 1 million pounds) and acquitted.

R v ML | Northampton Crown Court. A 19-year-old defendant robbed and killed a stranger in the town centre in the early hours of the morning.

R v SH & Others | Luton Crown Court. A defendant with three others attacked rival gang members with meat cleavers in Bedford Town centre, the murder of one man and the attempted murder of another.

R v Q & 2 Others | Norwich Crown Court – Leading Prosecution Counsel. Two defendants, ages 15 and 17, were charged with the death of a young man at a party by joint enterprise stabbing—a third adult defendant involved in assisting an offender after the killing.

R v S and others | Chelmsford Crown Court. Joint enterprise murder.

R v C | Hull Crown Court. Defending murder involving homicide by the cutting of the throat in a residential street.

R v TW | Luton Crown Court. The killing of a man involving GHB/GBL and Mephedrone overdose.

R v L T | Wolverhampton Crown Court. Manslaughter during a robbery.

R v RC | Exeter Crown Court. Assisted suicide.

R v PC | Wolverhampton Crown Court. Prosecution of Murder of an elderly homeowner during a robbery.

R v MD | Oxford Crown Court. Defending the Excel Sheet/Wind in the Willows 1st Edition Murderer who was targeting celebrities.

R v S, R & 3 Others | Chelmsford Crown Court. Honey trap murder prosecution.

R v BR | Nottingham Crown Court. Prosecution of Murder by a 19-year-old with fitness to plead, diminished responsibility, and loss of control issues.


  • King’s Counsel – 2010

Professional Memberships

  • Elected President of the Association of United Kingdom Muslim Lawyers (2011-2016)

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