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Tracey has spent several years working for both Solicitors and Barristers Chambers. Prior to joining Millennium Chambers, Tracey worked at a leading Barristers Chambers in London for 9 years, covering a wide range of Chambers roles. Tracey also spent 15 years at Fisher Meredith Solicitors.

Tracey is one of the first points of contact for the criminal team with regards to case allocation, diary management and fee negotiations. She has a strong working relationship with all our members of chambers and professional clients alike.

Roles And Responsibilities


  • Liaising with courts regarding the listing of cases, including the making of written representations and providing up to date information regarding the availability of members of Chambers.
  • Taking diary bookings or other instructions for barrister members and allocating briefs according to members’ availability and experience, in liaison with the Senior Clerk.
  • Transfer of briefs, re-listing of cases for counsel’s availability and liaison with instructing solicitors, with any concerns to be raised with the Senior Clerk
  • Liaise with the Senior Clerk regarding the allocation of unallocated instructions that arrive at chambers by email or telephone.
  • Liaising with individual members of Chambers as to capacity to accept/take on new instructions.
  • In conjunction with the Senior Clerk, liaising with solicitors in connection with public funding certificates/representation orders.
  • Billing of fees.
  • Liaising with solicitors and barristers with regards to papers that are required for forthcoming hearings.
  • Returning and logging out cases that have been concluded.
  • Emailing written work to solicitors, courts and judges on behalf of members of Chambers.
  • Scanning in and emailing documents to barristers if authorised by the Senior Clerk to do so.
  • Requesting extensions of time from solicitors for counsel’s paperwork.
  • Liaising with courts and tribunals to secure time markings and/or video link hearings.
  • To undertake additional tasks as required by the Chambers Director and/or the Senior Clerk
  • When requested, be responsible for the completion of the diary and notifying counsel for the next working day.
  • Arranging and agreeing on fees for counsel to attend court


  • Monitor, log and distribute emails received into Chambers.
  • Monitor, log and chase LAA funding certificates and Representation Orders.
  • Answer the telephone and take messages and deal with queries where appropriate, including direct access enquiries.
  • Logging in client care letters that are received.
  • Open all documents arriving by email, logging date of arrival and logging on computer. Monitoring throughout the day emails received on Chambers’ email system in conjunction with the Senior Clerk.
  • Noting deadlines for review on the system as well as checking briefs for LAA Certificates/Representation Orders.


  • Remain up to date with Chambers’ IT system through training by staff and other outside bodies.
  • Remain up to date with the Health and Safety manual.
  • Undertake training as required.

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