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Areas of Practice

  • Criminal Defence
  • Business & Financial Crime
  • Professional Regulation


  • Kings Counsel – 2011


Bernard is a criminal defence barrister, specialising in cases that require expert advocacy skills. He has experience in murder, serious fraud, drug trafficking, and violent crime cases, successfully defending a range of clients and achieving great results.

Bernard has a reputation for being a highly-skilled, measured, forceful, and persuasive advocate. He combines compelling and persuasive advocacy with excellent judgment in a down-to-earth manner which is very successful with juries.

Bernard is called upon to advise early in proceedings regarding strategy to achieve the best client outcome.

Bernard is particularly experienced in complex multi-defendant cases involving cell site analysis, telephone attribution, call data, CCTV analysis, cut-throat defences, bad character, hearsay, ID, joint enterprise, pathology, and DNA.

He also has a particular interest in trials, inquests or inquiries which involve exposing alleged lies, corruption, malpractice or negligence by the police or other investigating and prosecuting authorities.

Bernard is also regularly instructed privately across various serious trials, has successfully represented clients appearing before major hearings at the Court of Criminal Appeal, and is often consulted to advise on the merits of an appeal.

Notable Cases

Criminal Defence

R v SD and others (Bradford Crown Court) June 2019

The defendant was acquitted of conspiracy to murder with a firearm. There was CCTV, phone and cell site evidence linking SD to the offence.

R v JC (Birmingham Crown Court) September-October 2018

The defendant was charged with murder with a knife inflicting 20 stab wounds. The defendant was also charged with attempted murder with a gun.

R v S and Others (Oxford CC) 2018
The 10-handed murder started in April 2018. Gang-related, anonymous witnesses, CCTV, DNA, cell site, cutthroat defences.

R v EB and Others (Old Bailey) 2017
Four defendants joint enterprise murder and robbery using knives and a handgun. Despite strong CCTV and eyewitness evidence, EB and other defendants were acquitted of all charges.

R V WG and six Others (Manchester CC) 2017
WG and others charged with gang-related stabbing murder in Manchester. Evidence included CCTV, eyewitnesses and the victim’s blood on his jacket. He was acquitted of murder after a two-month trial.

R v ZK and Others (Bradford CC) 2017
ZK and three others were in a car from which several shots were fired from a handgun, hitting and killing the victim outside his home. Joint enterprise murder alleged. ZK was acquitted of murder and manslaughter because he was unaware of the gun and did not encourage the shooting.

R v OD and Others (Old Bailey) 2016
OD was one of three charged with murder following a knife attack outside a club in London. The prosecution case relied heavily on a voice enhancement expert, who we successfully undermined in cross-examination, leading to acquittal on murder and manslaughter.

R v JL (Winchester CC) 2016

JL was accused of conspiracy to murder together with his mother and father. The victim was the father’s new wife, who was beaten to death by this defendant’s father: extensive phone evidence, CCTV, ANPR and other circumstantial solid evidence. JL was acquitted after a two-month trial.

R v JG (Old Bailey) 2016

JG was charged with murder after a fight in the street involving fists and a knife. The victim was stabbed in the heart. Defence of self-defence using a knife because the victim also had a knife. Many eyewitnesses. They were acquitted of murder and manslaughter.

R v CJS (Guildford Crown Court) 2016
Christopher Jeffrey-Shaw was cleared of murdering student Janet Muller and was found guilty of manslaughter. Ms Muller died after Christopher set fire to his car whilst she was trapped in the boot. The case was reported in the IndependentMetro and the Evening Standard.

R v C and 3 Others (Central Criminal Court) 2015
A drug and gang-related kidnapping and murder. The client was acquitted after a two-month trial.

R v C (Southwark Crown Court) 2014
A stabbing outside a London nightclub. The defendant was acquitted of murder despite extensive CCTV footage.2015

R v S and Another (Cambridge Crown Court) 2015
78-year-old man beaten to death during a burglary. Bernard’s successful cross-examination of the co-defendant was featured on the BBC regional news.

R v D (Nottingham Crown Court) 2014
The victim was stabbed 16 times. Cutthroat defence.

R v S (Court of Appeal)
Murder by shooting with Mach 10 sub-machine gun. The defendant was represented by different counsel at trial. Bernard is now appealing the conviction on a pro bono basis.

R v V (Central Criminal Court) 2014
The Lithuanian sat nav murder. The case was extensively covered in the national press and on Crimewatch.

Financial Crime and Confiscation

Bernard is highly ranked in Legal 500 and experienced in all areas of fraud, including missing trader intra-community (MTIC) and other VAT frauds, boiler room frauds, money laundering, corruption, insider dealing, other Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) offences, asset restraint and confiscation.

Bernard has defended some of the biggest MTIC and carousel frauds, including representing the main defendant in a £50 million carousel fraud where the conviction was quashed following the malpractice exposure at HMRC.

Bernard can provide legal, strategic and tactical advice at all stages of an investigation and during the trial process.

Professional Regulation

Bernard has experience in regulatory work, particularly at the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC).

Professional Memberships

  • Member of CBA
  • South Eastern Circuit
  • FLA

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